Pumpkin Spice Rooibos

This warm and sultry tea is absolutely perfect the Holidays and what makes this even better is the fact that there is no caffeine in it…so even the kids can enjoy this one! Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon/ 8 oz. hot water/5 mins. Ingredients: rooibos, apples, safflower, marigold, cinnamon, pink pepper, orange peel,...

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Earl Grey Creme Roobios

Earl Grey Crème Rooibos is a bold and vibrant tea to all of your senses!  You get the pronounced citrus flavor from the bergamont enveloped in the sweet and warm notes from vanilla creating the perfect tea for any time of the day.   Steeping instructions:  1 teaspoon/8oz. hot water/5mins. Ingredients: organic rooibos, orange peel, marigold, coconut,...

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Banana Fudge Rooibos

Get a sweet tooth at night, and need to stay away from the sweets?  Well this tea may just be your cure!  We use rooibos as the base in this tea, combining banana and organic cocoa nibs to deliver a delicate chocolate flavored tea with subtle note of bananas.  Great for desert!   Ingredients: rooibos, cacao nibs, banana, flavor. Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon/8 oz. hot water/5...

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Apple Spice Rooibos

Apple Spice Rooibos exhibits deep, rich, and robust tea full of warm spicy notes followed by a distinct apple taste that pairs well with the naturally occurring sweet melodies of the rooibos.  This tea is perfect for the chilly days and holiday… where a little warmth goes a long way! Ingredients:  organic rooibos, apple, cinnamon, pink pepper, clove, allspice, flavor. Steeping Instructions:  1-2 teaspoons/ 8 oz. hot water / 5...

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Lemon Vanilla Rooibos

Welcome our newest member to our Rooibos (“Red Tea”) family!.  Lemon Vanilla Rooibos is a really delicious tea, equally delicious whether served hot or as an Iced Tea. There’s no caffeine in this tea making it perfect for any occasion.  Lemon Vanilla Rooibos exhibits an almost honey essence from the Rooibos combined with a light vanilla fragrant followed by a delicate citrus bite of lemon towards the back of the sip.               Steeping Instructions: 1 teaspoon/8 oz. hot water/5 mins. Ingredients: Organic rooibos, organic apples, organic lemongrass, lemon peels, flavor....

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Fields of Paradise

Fields of Paradise is a Yerba Mate based tea blend that exudes a grassy slightly citrus undertone with a delicate balance of pomegranate and blueberry. Fields of Paradise is a tea that is equally good whether served hot or cold. Steeping instructions: 1 teaspoon/ 8 oz. hot water/ 5 mins. Ingredients: yerba mate, rose petals, cornflower, cranberries, sage, safflower,...

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Lavender Peach Tea

Lavender Peach Tea is a floral bouquet is fragrant melodies with a lingering peach taste. This tea is very delicate and light but pleasurable to all of your senses. Non-caffeinated so good for any occasion any time of the day. Steeping instructions: 1 teaspoon/8 oz. hot water/5 mins. Ingredients: lavender, rose petals, marigold, cornflower, organic apple, papaya,...

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Roasted Mate

Roasted Mate is yerba mate but roasted giving it an almost coffee like flavor to the earthy vegetal qualities yerba mate is known for. Roasted Mate, like Yerba Mate is high in caffeine and will definitely pick up your sluggish afternoon. Steeping Instruction: 1-2 teaspoon/ 8 oz. hot water/ 5-10 mins. Ingredients: yerba...

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Yerba Mate

Yerba Mate will definitely pick you up if you need it. This tea (actually not a tea) is full of caffeine. Yerba Mate is also very flavorful. Similar to green tea in that Yerba Mate exhibits grassy notes, however, Yerba Mate has more of a citrusy appeal to it compared to green tea. Yerba Mate originate out of subtropical South America where is traditionally consumed out of a hollowed out gourd with a metal straw. People in places such as Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay drink it all throughout the day. Yerba Mate has also been reported to strengthen immune system, break down fats, increase libido, diet aid, increase focus…to name a few. Steeping instructions:...

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