Coconut Chai Masala

Coconut Chai Masala


Coconut Chai Masala is an intense mixture of spicy bold international flavors. You get the warm bite from the cinnamon, cloves, and allspice followed by the tropical warmth that the coconut delivers. This tea is meant to be strong as it must stand up to adding milk to it for an authentic chai.

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Coconut Chai Rooibos is a bold tea in every sense. This tea displays an underlying earthy semi sweet tone to it quickly followed by a prominent spicy bite to it with slight coconut essence.

Coconut Chai Masala

Coconut Chai Rooibos

Steeping Instructions: 2 teaspoons/8 oz. hot water/5 mins.

Ingredients: black tea, rooibos, fenugreek seed, clove, allspice, anise seed, cocoa nibs, cardamom pods, roasted mate, coconut, flavor.

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